Vintage Décor

  • Large contemporary abstract painting

    A very large attractive contemporary Swedish abstract oil on canvas. Size: L190 cm x H139 cm

  • Large decorative gold gilt oval mirror

    A stunning 1970's large decorative oval mirror with bevelled edges surrounded by a gold gilt metal frame and  detailed mirrored tree leaves. Excellent condition. Size: H170 cm x W97 cm RESERVED

  • A bronze sculpture of an eagle

    A bronze sculpture of an eagle by Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935), signed 'A.Thorburn' and stamp 'A1122' on a black marble base. Early 20th Century. Excellent condition. Size: H32 cm x D12 cm

  • Huntsmen figurine – late 19th century

    A late 19th Century Huntsmen figurines. Sizes - H38 cm x W 30 cm x D 10 cm

  • Anatomical prints – Medical Studies

    A pair of 1950's Studies from medical schools, German. Human muscles anterior and posterior aspect. Very good condition. Sizes-  H185cm x W90cm  

  • Late 19th century oil painting

    A Swedish late 19th Century oil on canvas painting. Size - W 145 cm x H 107 cm x D 7 cm

  • Silver Plated Candlesticks

    A pair of silver plated candlesticks. Made by Prima Nysilver, Circa 1949. Sise - H23 cm x W48 cm x D8 cm

  • Antique Bronze Candlesticks

    A pair of French 19th century very large gilded bronze candlesticks, decorated with vine leaves, grapes, wheat and lilies. All in very good condition. Dimensions - H155 cm x W55 cm x D25 cm

  • Art Nouveau Mirror

    An unusual Swedish Art Nouveau mirror from 1900's, gilded wood and gesso. Dimensions: H105 cm x W58 cm x D5 cm  

  • Beam Mosaic Mirror

    A stunning 1990's hand crafted round mirror made with hand cut mirror mosaics. Dimensions: 115 cm diameter x 3 cm thickness.  

  • Bronze Chimpanzee Sculpture

    Contemporary live size bronze sculpture of a chimpanzee. Available also in plaster or resin. Limited edition of 10. Dimensions - H65 cm x W65 cm x D60 cm Price upon application.

  • Ceramic Tiger Ornament

    Italian, 1960's  hand painted ceramic of a tiger. Dimensions: W45 cm x D30 cm x H80 cm  

  • Ceramic Dog – Dalmatian

    A 1960's Italian, hand painted, ceramic of a Dalmatian. Dimensions: W40 cm x D35 cm x H70 cm  

  • Ceramic Cheetah Ornament

    1960's Italian, hand painted ceramic Cheetah in great condition. Dimensions: H90 cm x W60 cm x D35 cm  

  • Ceramic Leopard Ornament

    A beautifully proportioned Italian 1960's  ceramic hand painted leopard. Dimensions: W85 cm x D40 cm x H30 cm  

  • Antique Three Tier Cake Stand

    Ebonised with a gold painted edge Edwardian three tier cake stand, circa 1900. It has acquired a nice patina in line with age. Dimensions: W28 cm x D28cm x H100 cm