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About Les Trois Garçons

The creative trio that make up Les Trois Garçons need little introduction. From the early days selling antiques and objets from market stalls, through countless wild parties, some of the most influential restaurant spaces of the last fifteen years, an iconic interior design business through to the creation of fully curated line of furniture and interior accessories – Les Trois Garçons Interiors – their body of works are the epitome of an urbane and thoroughly sophisticated style that looks both backwards and forwards and always has entertainment and ultimately fun at its heart.

The antiques business, the restaurant trade and the interior design business has ultimately led Les Trois Garçons in the direction of their own furniture and product lines.

It’s something the three have always wanted to do, but just never got around to doing. The trio felt there was a real need for furniture that was a mix of contemporary and antique style, that can fit well in either environment, that would be well designed and exquisitely made but still at an accessible price point. For them the furniture line was about “bridging the gap.”

The pieces are all made to order, can be purchased as seen, but are also highly adaptable to each client’s requirements and specifications.

The pieces – which include a lacquered sideboard, a multi-layered glass and mirrored coffee table, decadent sofas and lounge chairs and other cabinets – are modern and minimal.

They make use of a range of different materials, such as bronze, marble and oak, the lines are not of any particular historical epoch but design influences from Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and even Classic Oriental, are present in the materials and the detailing.

The collection now encompasses a curated collection of rugs, a series of wallpapers as well as bone china tableware.

Functional and innovative yet inherently classic, the collections have been designed to work with most interiors, and bridge the gap between old and new.

Les Trois Garcons is also doing design work for residential and commercial clients.

Les Trois Garcons  shop  showcase their Modern range and Antiques & Vintage furniture at 40 Church Street, London NW8 8EP. Please check the contact page for the opening hours.