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About Les Trois Garçons

Les Trois Garçons Interiors represents the evolving creative vision of the trio whose iconic London restaurant challenged minimalism with its wildly inventive and theatrical fantasy style. Now they have created a new collection that reflects a calmer but equally bold and dynamic aesthetic. The collection comprises handcrafted, bespoke furniture and accessories and a carefully curated selection of vintage items and antiques. Their sleek, contemporary pieces are the ideal visual foil for antiques and also have enough of an impact to stand alone.  The new collection is sophisticated and elegant but with a core of fun and irreverence at its heart. It fuses classic design principles with Les Trois Garçons’ signature wit, passion for beauty and audacious disdain for the conventional and bland.


The new collection, vintage and antiques are available at

40 Church St

London NW8 8EP

T. 0207.613.19.24