Early 20th Century Italian Set Of Five Decorative Etruscan Style Lekythos Vases

This is a magnificent set of 5 of highly decorative early 20th Century Etruscan style Lekythos vases also known as black-figure pottery painting. Figures and ornaments were painted on the vessel’s body using shapes and colours reminiscent of silhouettes. Delicate contours were incised into the paint before firing, and details could be reinforced and highlighted with opaque colours, usually white and red. These early 20th-century vases were made with the same techniques used in ancient times and cooked in oxygen reduction. Two of the vases are signed P. Antonazzo from Grottaglie and one vase is signed Ceramica Raphaele Sommavilla Grottaglie (TA)

Tall slim vase H54 cm x Diameter 16

Vase with two handles H34 cm x Diameter 23 cm

Large vase with one handle H52 cm x Diameter 26 cm

Large vase with a lid H44 cm x Diameter 20 cm

Vase with the Warrior H32 cm x Diameter 25 cm