1970S Set of Five Abstract Ceramic vases by Mario Enke, Germany

The beauty of this collection lies in its diversity, as each vase boasts a distinct organic personality. From smooth, polished surfaces to intricately textured exteriors, Enke’s craftsmanship is evident in every detail. What sets these ceramic wonders apart is the meticulous firing process employed by the artist—glaze reduction. Enke skilfully manipulates the firing temperature, employing the technique of reducing the heat at crucial moments. This process not only adds depth and complexity to the colours but also introduces a unique lustre and sheen to the surfaces of the vases. Some of the vases bear the pictogram from Mario Enke.

Round brown vase H25 cm x Diameter 24 cm
Red crushed vase H45 cm x Diameter 22 cm
Green crushed vase H30 cm x Diameter 32 cm
Tall white and red vase H50 cm x Diameter 17 cm
Red cylinder vase H34 cm x Diameter 13 cm