Les Trois Garçons Restaurant



Dear selected friends and customers of Les Trois Garçons, Loungelover and Café Maison Trois Garçons, 

As many of you know, we have now sold all the restaurants to continue our passion of interior design.  Whilst it was a difficult decision to lose regular contact with so many of you, the past couple of years really stretched us as we increasingly were invited to execute the most exciting interior design projects, from hip hotels in hot climes to transforming the most vanilla house into a vibrant and voluptuous venue that our clients could proudly call “home”. 

As you have visited our venues and hopefully loved the experience, you might be one of our friend/clients who appreciates individuality in design?

If so, you may enjoy looking at our Contemporary Furniture, Rug, Crockery and Wallpaper range, they are featured on our new online shop alongside our unique collection of vintage and antiques items, all hand selected by us.

We love a challenge large or small, so if you would like us to help design your home or business we would be delighted to discuss Interior Design, Bespoke Furniture, Furnishings, Antiques and Vintage items.  

We are proud to acknowledge that our recent projects saw our clients homes increased in value which made them very happy indeed!    

Once again, many thanks for being part of our amazing times at the restaurants. 

Our very best,

Hassan, Michel, Stefan

Les Trois Garçons

8 Wembley Park Business Centre
North End Road
Wembley, HA9 0AS



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