Set of 6 Vallauris Glazed Ceramic Table Lamps in the shape of Sea Shells, Mid-century French

Highly decorative set of 6 mid-century table lamps in glazed ceramic from Vallauris in the south of France. The design is typical of Vallauris which was at the time a very creative hub with potters and shops selling a very wide range of decorative ceramics. The potters got inspired by Picasso who once had a workshop in the village. This set of tables lamps represents underwater landscapes with colourful fish and crustaceans. The wiring is unchecked.

Large red shell size: H24 cm x W26 cm x D15 cm
Mussel size: H19.5 cm x W22 cm x D15 cm
Conch size: H20 cm x W25 cm x D11 cm
Large clam size: H17 cm x W22 cm x D20 cm
Small Clam size: H16 cm x W18 cm x D15 cm
Lighthouse size: H15 cm x W25 cm x D17 cm